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Solip Tech will demonstrate glass-like steel-wool scratch resistance of hard coating film for foldable display cover window in the SID 2019 exhibition.

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Solip Tech will attend at the SID 2019 Display Week exhibition from May 14th-16th at the San Jose McEntry Convention Center.

We will exhibit samples of flexible hard coating (Flex9H®) film and plastic, transparent glass-fabric reinforced plastic (ClearFRPTM), thin ClearFRPTM film laminated with Flex9H®hard coating (StingrayTM), StingrayTM with an enhanced anti-glare function (StingrayTM-AG) etc. at Booth 1142 in the exhibition. (

Specially, we will demonstrate glass-like steel-wool scratch resistance of out-foldable hard coating film stacks (~300mm thickness) simulating real display module. This will provide the feasibility of commercializing an out-foldable smartphone with sufficient scratch durability.

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